Transformers Plot Holes Everyone Just Ignores "Optimus Prime Can Suddenly Fly" -

Transformers Plot Holes Everyone Just Ignores “Optimus Prime Can Suddenly Fly”

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Transformers where even the mightiest Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, isn’t immune to a few plot holes. In this intriguing analysis, we explore one of the most baffling inconsistencies – Optimus Prime’s sudden ability to fly! From his iconic origins to the latest cinematic adventures, fans have witnessed Optimus Prime’s evolution, but this particular aspect often raises eyebrows. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind this overlooked plot hole, examining possible explanations and fan theories. Whether you’re a die-hard Transformers enthusiast or a casual viewer, this video promises to reignite your fascination with the beloved franchise while shedding light on a long-standing question. Don’t miss out on uncovering the secrets behind Optimus Prime’s unexpected aerial maneuvers! Hit play and dive into the Transformers universe like never before.
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  1. Yes he can but requires the trailer which is his tool box…

  2. He has an arsenal of weapons. If u pay attention, his sheld on his back is a blaster and a jet pack

  3. He adapted, just like bumblebee bein able to fall apart and rebuild after fighting a ksi bot

  4. As I see it, Prime first got his flight powers in ROTF, and every time after, he was simply improving and streamlining the technology until he could integrate it into his own body, like Age of Extinction.

    You don’t have to agree with me, but that is my view…

  5. Wonder which commenter made comment about optimus prime being able to fly in the animated series before these shit movies?

  6. I think that age of extinction transformers time line is alot more in the future than the first 3 movies i may be wrong it's the way i understood it 😅

  7. Bro his flight capability have been inagrated into his body

  8. Heres something weird too in the bumblebee move he was a normal autobot but IN THE OTHER SERIES we was a WW2 VETERAN SO WHICH ONE IS IT HASBRO
    WW2 OR 1980S

  9. It can be easy explaint. In the movies 1-4 optimus is in his autobot form which isnt his true form as he recieved a knight makeover by becoming a prime. So in conclusion optimus was weaker in the first films because of gis body not being the one he got from the creators and thats why he can fly Das n his knight body

  10. Why every transformers YouTuber says that quintessa made optimus but actually alpha trion made him technically optimus is not made alpha trion just upgrade optimus😊

  11. Y’all in the revenge of the fallen, he gained the power to fly. He’s had it since then

  12. Maybe the flying ability come with the knight look, that is why we have not seen it is the first three movies

  13. In the Previous Transformers movie he Murged with a Flight Capable Autobot. yes he took off Some of the parts when he Landed, but whos to say he didnt keep some of them that made him able to FLY aswell?

  14. Maybe some of jet fires for the factor of that you can fly stayed inside Optimus

  15. I thought it was cool, but the bayverse transformers are so inconsistent. Cybertron was massive in dotm but in dk it’s like the size of the moon?

    They completely leave out autobots, and kill pretty much any well known autobot. All in the name of selling toys. There are so many potholes in the movies that I had to look to the internet to get answers for many things.

    The show was visibly entertaining but it ends there.

  16. i dont think when the other version was not a fly mode i think it was just a booster so he can fight and distract his enemies

  17. After merging with Jetfire gaining flight and after he went from his flat nose Kenworth mode while in hiding scan a western star and got all new stuff and who's to say that with the incredible upgrade to the new model semi mode he kept the ability to fly as it would be beneficial to him if he could cuz Optimus learns from his mistakes

  18. Come on hes a sentinent robot that can transform into anything he scans so not sure how its so far of a reach he can fly seriously thats extreme nit-picking

  19. Does any remember earlier in the movie when he scanned the truck that is when he got a power up and its not the first time we see it

  20. They screwed up all important (for real fans)details

  21. Bro he turn İnto his orgınal form the knight form -_-

  22. He had booster in this movie , he used them just before killing infernocons, to slide in dirt.

  23. some commentators didn't watch all movies…Optimus Prime got Jetfire parts but it was in 2nd movie,,, Optimus used additional jets in 3rd movie to fly….

    then how he was able to fly under his own power???

  24. I think there's one pretty simple explanation: he had the flight tech incorporated into his body. After his trailer was destroyed, it's possible Optimus created new flight tech for himself, but this time made it incorporated into his body instead of being just an attachment to himself. Tactically, this would make sense because it would offer him greater mobility in the battlefield without having to rely on a trailer that can be easily lost.

    And like others in the comments mention, Optimus could also have kept the flight tech given to him by Jetfire, which would provide those same benefits.

  25. I mean maby its something his knight form can do but his old one couldnt

  26. Okay this might not be a logical explanation but age of extinction was the first movie where we saw optimus in his Knight form so it may be possible that flying is a special ability that can only be used with Knight form of Optimus Prime

  27. if you watch the movie when he gets his sword his arms change so maybe he got it then because all it showed was from the waist up

  28. I always thought they could scan whatever they wanted they just always choose to be cars.🤷🏾‍♂️ way easier to hide as a car then a jet flying by or sitting on a lawn. They were living with humans in disguise. Lol pun

  29. I don't consider this cannon. I'm just saying.

  30. True form- knight. He can

    Disguise-Truck form. Not true form.

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