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Not even glitches could hold back the power of Vecna! 🤣
Stay tuned for more footage of the Lich, the new survivor, and the new map! 😀


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  1. That Sable bot was toxic lol. That was a memorable moment for me in stream with you on Sunday 🤣 they really do take on how survivors really are lmfaooooooo

  2. How is nobody talking about how good of a scream Aestri has? Her VA put in some incredible work with those screams.

  3. I don't know everything about this game. but it will not have a mod where they betray the location of their companions in exchange for letting them go. when crazy catches them

  4. I sense a slight gambling problem. 😂

  5. I don’t play the game but sometimes I feel like opening the chests is such a waste of time but I know there are med kit and whatnot lol

  6. Went to give you a thumbs up but I would have been #6six6… Can't have that, sorry

  7. Hey ohm god bless and I love your videos

  8. Both glitches were pretty great, but I was already laughing a bunch at poor Ohm's chest dice rolls.😂 really neat seeing the legendary & what it does too.

  9. 25:02 "They all think they had another chance at life" *proceeds with goofy evil laugh 😂

  10. 0:43 it's always those close calls, that just makes my heart skip a beat!

  11. "I don't know where I am… AhhHHHHhH!" 😂 Ohm, please never change.

  12. 10/10 ai is the funniest thing I’ve seen in so long

  13. I was the Jake in the game where you got stuck and I tagged u in a screenshot of it on Twitter, so cool playing against you man

  14. Aww man, I thought you meant the glitch you had during that Myers game when you started flying😂😂😂

  15. 25:25-26 did anyone else see the other player standing still next to a pallet while he was chasing the other person😭😭😭😭😭I got that sharingan eye 👁️

  16. 24:01 "WHAT DID I DO?!" Looks like you clipped through the window into the floor when you landed, that's what you did! XD

    Also 25:51 Ladies and Gentlemen, The Levitating Mori! Love the skeleton just floating in the air afterwards! XD (If anyone gets the chance, try this with the Unknown. It's even more hilarious! XD)

  17. 12:20 I'm a fan of healing before finishing the Gen and telling the killer where you are. but for sure gett it 99.99 yep

  18. That flying bug reminded me of early days nurse, where you could see her stuck up in trees or on the boarder walls
    GG as always Ohm

  19. I just want to say I’ve never been a big fan of D&D but it’s nice to see them branching out into the more fantasy but with horror elements game franchises. I can’t wait for the Castlevania chapter.

    Be careful with those cheeky chest checks, sooner or later the game’s going to give you a 1 and then you’ll be stuck in a mimic with the Vecna right there.

  20. New killer has all the bells and whistles to make you think he’s good but he actually is low tier at best. Typical from the devs at this point. 🤦

  21. 9:44 @Ohmwrecker you can have both on one player… but you probably already know that by now, not sure how much you actually played the PTB,

  22. Always check your corners

  23. I love the way you were glitching out it very funny it like you froze in mid second

  24. Some bugs should never be fixed. One of the reasons Friday The 13th lasted so long is because of the legendary hilarious bugs

  25. Awesome job and have fun playing your game ohewrecker 😅😅😅😅

  26. The fact that The Entity has Vecna of all beings working for it implies that it's more powerful than he is(or grabbed him when he was fairly young for a lich and had not yet reached the height of his power). MUCH more powerful than he is. That's scary in and of itself considering his challenge rating.

  27. These new perks and Killer are insane. I’m really excited to play as both killer and survivor for the first time with this new event. ☺️👍

  28. I think what makes Ohm's streams and videos so fun to watch is his authentic reactions to the game, so few streamers actually have this.

  29. Time for more Knight players if this year is dark fantasy!💀🔮😂

  30. What a interesting video you made and it was so cool to see and the video was so entertaining 😊😮🎉❤^^

  31. Ohm, how were you able to build up your YouTube channel? Any tips or tricks?
    I really enjoy your content, and you seem pretty cool, so I figured you'd be a good person to ask

  32. 27:13 Ohm you didn’t see the dust in air from the first locker when he hopped in 😂

  33. Pls play kindergarten 3 when it comes out

  34. Classic Ohm getting "sucked out" at the exit gate lol

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