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  1. baxtrix how you can make videos on two youtube? ugh

  2. first and play more youtube sim

  3. Second and plz play more surviv.io dude I love watching it ok man keep it up !…..

  4. When you go on Zombs royale.io they are going to add where you can custom your character

  5. Sometimes they just want to kill you. I don't like them.
    You can get over the zombie. If you'll come too close, zombie will see you and try to kill you. Wait until it will turn to the left, then it will go to the left side and stop for a short time. Meantime you can fly over it to the place with bread.
    Thank you for this video and have a luck (:.

  6. 1st type: Baxtrix
    2nd type: Baxtrix
    3rd type : Baxtrix

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