VECNA on the NEW MAP! (It's AMAZING!) ☠️ | Dead by Daylight / DBD -

VECNA on the NEW MAP! (It’s AMAZING!) ☠️ | Dead by Daylight / DBD

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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We finally get to see the new map as Vecna in DBD, and it’s one of the BEST YET!
Stay tuned for more footage of the Lich, the new survivor, and the new map! 😀


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  1. I really like the new map, and I'm excited to see what that mori variant looks like!

  2. That's kind of pretty good that when he shoots his skeletons out you can dodge them by Ducking that's pretty wild😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. I wonder why they gave a the new girl survivor a boy body and run.. don’t mind but just a thought. Her hit box is definitely much larger cause of it

  4. Loving the new map ❤❤❤ and I hope everyone is having a fantastic day

  5. Quite the names on those teammates. They must all be Bards or something….

  6. I thought you had to maintain that performance for 15 seconds for it to actually take effect, not just roll the number and stop. After 15 seconds the effect should linger for 60 seconds.

  7. This new killer, new survivor, and new map definitely reminds me of Baldur’s Gate 3, ngl.

  8. I think its interesting how no one really uses the visual heartbeat indicator. I find it so useful. the size gets bigger as it tgets closer so its fantastic pseudo replacement for old spinechill.
    greanted its most helpful for me because i often can't hear the early portions of the beats

  9. My god, the teammates names in the second round. …How do people come up with this stuff? XD

    That's a really cool map design though. I'd love to explore it when it goes live! 😀

  10. The usernames from the second game. 😭😭😭

  11. Good game I liked it when you played the survivor and looking at your teammates names 👍👍👍

  12. I find it funny that the Lich's own map, is probably the worst that he could be played on. Seeing as his fly power doesn't transition through those portals properly, and the two separate floors makes his orb very unreliable.
    Also, can someone please tell me that they're seeing the same player names that I am?… Vecna's P*ssy Queef???

  13. Doesn’t matter how cool the map is, in about a year or so the Devs will shrink the map.

  14. Plz ohm being the only one left out in the 2nd match 💀

  15. that was fast body block and fast down

  16. 1:10 Ohm realising that there are portals now reminds of the "They fly now?!" scene in Rise of a Skywalker😂 also what are those names in the second round???? 😂😂😂😂

  17. Is it just me, or does the female adventurer look like a dude-bro? Totally different body type from the female survivors.

  18. Lmfaoooo the teamate names on the second round😂

  19. Impossible geometry? I felt like I was in high school… When it wasn't gay.

  20. Ohm's Teammates Names:
    Vecna's Strong Hand
    Vecna's PussyQueef
    Vecna's Third Leg

  21. I’m enjoying these and excited for this new killer, map and survivor! I like Baldur’s gate and this has me reminiscing the game hahah

  22. Can that pallet break power injure a survivor if you use as the pallet hop?

  23. Is it me, or does his stun animation seem super short?

  24. This killer is like the artist on steroids.

  25. Is this just a remake of the square map?

  26. They should’ve given him four different moris for each spell 😭😭😭

  27. Why do pple 99 the door??? Like its pointless lmao

  28. So awesome to see two videos from you in a week!

  29. I always love the funny names players come up with in this game!

  30. Ohm. I think it time for you try new trending game.

  31. "Vecnas pussy queef"
    "Vecnas strong hand"
    "Vecnas third leg"

    these made me LOL love this trio

  32. Awesome person and have playing your game oh wrecker

  33. The fact that you can break the pallet and chase at the same time is broken lol holy fck

  34. Im sorry the player names got me laughing

  35. I'm in love with The Lich <3 . It's look insane cool and looks like it's fun to play.

  36. Could Vecna maybe close the hatch with the mage hand? Woud be cool 😀

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