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Warzone Moments That MADE JAFAR VERY HAPPY

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I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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  1. 11:02 I actually can’t find one. I’m sure there’s a twitch clip/stream though

  2. My guy ranting abt a literal game lobby😂 not the game just the lobby

  3. I just wanted you to know that you and your friends are the only reason I wake up everyday

  4. Hey Blarg, if you guys do play Warzone again, there’s a new Jafar skin, his name is Scorch

  5. 5:55 That is such a highbrow joke, I am actually astonished. Well done Blarg! The Dovahkiin is proud of you. 😄❤️

  6. Smii7y said they havent played in four years. no way its been that long bro…

  7. Watched this from smii7ys pov but it just wasn’t as funny especially at the start where Matt struggles to find the game. Great shit Matt I watched the same video from a different POV and still enjoyed it. Also when the new black ops comes out you should play some search and destroy with terroriser.

  8. The fact that I just re-download the game is crazy

  9. the fact that it makes your poop green is a better selling point than any of the energy bs lmao, reminds me of when I was a kid and they made this Hulk branded chocolate syrup, dude my turds looked like Pickle Rick

  10. been watching nothing but your old warzone videos, i manifested this!!!!

  11. Hulu really decided to make a hidden puzzle in the game


  13. “This is how they get u on the game, you cannot leave!”😂

  14. I have used code goons for the 2nd time I shall continue in the future

  15. Honestly Grizzy the smartest one, cuz he's not playing this trash can of burning dogshit.

  16. is there any games that aren’t dead or unbearable to play that used to be fun, not including the new games that are fun

  17. “We did the thing the Vanoss crew never could” 😭😭

  18. y'all should try the current fortnite season, it has great content potential with you guys

  19. Like how puffer yells “get out” literally 1 second before the helicopter blows up 🤣

  20. Matt was downed TWICE with self rez and didn't do a dang thing with it. I love this man

  21. Day 5 of saying hello to Blarg, hoping he says hello back to me 🥲

  22. The Skyrim joke about the bucket makes me happy

  23. Ngl, Droid is an upgrade on most of the people here

  24. “It makes ur shit green” is the realest shit I ever heard cause when I first had it and my shit was green I thought I was dying

  25. “It makes ur shit green” is the realest shit I ever heard cause when I first had it and my shit was green I thought I was dying

  26. How tf do i subscribe these nips? Probably just report for content right?

    Loved “good” gg sups watched some of smii7whatevers vids and subbed, but blarg end up being the peak content along side puffer, but blarg; peak humor

    Final submission, reach out to “ i think you should leave now” (ironic for the vid) and look into a merch merge! They had niki on warzone, so actually entertaining content could def make it, smii7y blarg puffer and all the friends as the crooner would be hilarious

  27. I’d love to see y’alls content vs the hey lets put niki manage in cod (eating men for content) and pete davidson in taco bell commercials bc he banged kanyes wife and did lines off dudes, licked crouch crabs and ruined every comedy segment he was in? Like why not blarg, hilarious, almost everytime, even when he’s not funny, there’s still pete davidson for comparison, or madea goes to (insert theme here). Tyler perry would be pissed if he consulted with a comedian, but, he’d have to find one

  28. Give us blarg gamer sups and bottle that isn’t a cringe waifu plzzzzzz, even just your face surrounded by monkeys, honestly i’d buy it, actually just give us blarg monkee flavor bottles! He monkees around

  29. Shoutout to midroll for season 4 of “i think you should leave”

  30. I love how blarg has a very cute pfp but war crminial type vids

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