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We Evolve from Prey to Predator in FlyOrDie!

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Welcome to FlyOrDie aka EvoWorld.io with Ctop and @Simply Chris ! In EvoWorld io you must eat others and evolve to the strongest creature. The previous name of the game was flyordie.io!

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  1. First please pinn,👁👄👁💪👹💀💀💀💀😊😊😊😊😊😩😩😩😣😣


  3. 🎩 Ctop it’s one thing that I wonder about ore it is many things but one of them is were is your noses?

  4. I am also scared of butterflies. It all started because my mother wouldn't get two butterflies off me, instead she laughed as I was crying my eyes out.

  5. Chris dabbing is very cursed and I’ve seen some things 😅

  6. Chris thought he be in a video without a volcano but the volcano always finds a way to kill chris

  7. I don't understand how ctop stated bullying chris

  8. Hi ctop love ur vids!! PLS PLS PLS play more of the WWE game! PLS! PS. I hate butterflies too, they're airborne, fuzzy worms.

  9. Don't worry see top if you manage to download a mod on people's playground with butterflies in it you're able to weaponize them and kill Chris

  10. Hello sweetheart what are you doing today I see you I see you I see your flesh I see you but I see what you're doing I know what to do when I know what I know where you live I know everything about you and chance give me you know if nothing can I watch you every where I will never leave you

  11. 1000th like! ❤️ CtopisAwesomeandrady is the most handsome man I've ever seen and Chris dabbing is the most cursed thing there should be a ctop dabbing btw if some of y'all missed Chris dabbing it's after 2:56 near the 3:06 mark

  12. Ctop when you play wobbly life again there's a way to get a new skin for a UFO go to the place where you find how to make the fuel for the UFO and there should be a picture of the UF egg and then you make the fuel and then when you give it to the scientist you unlock a new skin for the UFO

  13. I'd love to see you guys become the Grim Reaper in this game. Please do it!!

  14. Could you please continue the spore series

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