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We Finally Destroyed The Ghostly Angel Of Death in FlyOrDie.io

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Welcome to another io game! This IO game is Flyordie.io. In Fly Or Die, you become a flying animal and evolve through eating things. Watch More FlyOrDie:

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FlyOrDie Game Overview:

In Fly Or Die, you start as a small fly, as you eat things in the game you grow bigger and bigger and evolve through multiple different flying animals. It’s very similar to Deeeep.io, except this game is all about flying animals, not swimming animals.

Play flyordie here:

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  1. The baby predecoltly eats bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Somebody forgot to link Baron’s channel in the description.

  3. Is it hard to get the strongest thing

  4. When baron was a ghostly reaper blitz and df were like his parents

  5. I like the color whenever you would say that I’m a very peradaktle

  6. How on earth did you get in the same fu******* sever?!

  7. Lloolololololoooololoooooooooloooolllllllolololo dinofruit

  8. It's 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% a star fruit

  9. Pièce de moto avec moi t’as cuisiné des lentilles et cette moi il serait Capucine va me livrer une

  10. You know blitz pterodactyl you say it wrong the p is silent

  11. Blitz has called a stock a pelican so many times and baron has called a stock a pelican he said to and when baron was slaying a fly baron saying why is it not working it's because the fly has a special ability and blitz was saying it's because is a low level evolution. that's not true.

  12. the final boss's name is not ghostly angel.The boss's name is demonic angel.

  13. They beat the angel of death because they have family

  14. boss: first bosses of grassland is: blackwidow boss:next bosses of iceland are: giant rat, yeti and mammoth boss:next bosses of dessert is :mummy boss: next bosses of dinosaurland are : blackwidow (2nd battle) and t-rex boss: next bosses of swamp is: final boss: ghostly angel

  15. I love blitz and when he talks and stuff like that, I just get all happy and sqeel

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