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We Flew Over an Exploding VOLCANO in StormWorks!

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We flew over an exploding Volcano in StormWorks and it caused complete destruction! Can SpyCakes escape not only a Sinking ship in this StormWorks survival but can he escape a volcano erupting?

►Tsunami Escape in Flying Submarine!

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  1. "Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment"😀

  2. Hey spycakes! You're videos are the best I've ever seen! Keep up the good work and keep making my day!

  3. You're my favorite YouTuber spycakes keep the great vids going

  4. Spy I love the videos with camodo and OB. Never lose such friends and never give up these videos!

  5. Say hi in my comment if u super love spycakes

  6. Can you please play Mist it has new update.

  7. this video was quite interesting bus explode on boat oh yes that's a perfectly normal Cruise but I do love your videos keep up the good work

  8. Hi spycakes when i was a little child i was bored of watching other youtubers but when i watched yours my life changed ive been watching you since 2016 love your videos work hard stay healthy😊❤.


  10. The editing is so good, it is making me die of laughter

  11. I mean strangers do own commercial grade buses because like bus drivers exist lol

  12. Keep up the Good Work Spy all wishes too you and peopl

  13. You can get it can you send me the link for the shadow of the moon is the best I can do is play with the kids I love them I think I have a great day I love you too I will be there in about the same as last time. This is randomly selected words I hope yo have a great day I love your vid

  14. Guys, guys, can y'all figure out the task at hands like the volcano of course

  15. Hi spy I have watched each video after school

  16. You guys should do a hide and seek in real life that would be awsome

  17. New Video? EPICC so funny! Kepp it up spy!

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