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We Flew Over an Exploding VOLCANO in StormWorks!

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We flew over an exploding Volcano in StormWorks and it caused complete destruction! Can SpyCakes escape not only a Sinking ship in this StormWorks survival but can he escape a volcano erupting?

►Tsunami Escape in Flying Submarine!

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  1. What would you like to see us do next in Stormworks?

  2. I’ve been watching you for 4 years i love you spy

  3. Play kiss it better than beautiful obi

  4. has no one noticed the fact that o.b swore at the beginning of the video around the two minute mark

  5. Volcano Survival I like it Spy is a Driver. And his Friends Is A V.I.P Passengers and spy is V.I.P

  6. I have been a fan since you only had 2.12m subs😊

  7. I love you I've watch you for a very long time since the metal zombie base

  8. Keep it going spy i always waitting for your video!

  9. Spycakes makes the best videos

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