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What Dreams May Come | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 34

Critical Role
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Bells Hells grapple with a devastating loss, refusing to accept fate’s machinations as they attempt to stay a step ahead of Paragon’s Call…

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  1. I fricking hate the moments when all of them don't realize they can just use residuum instead of spell components with a gold cost, like DIAMONDS!

  2. 36:55 i heard uncut gems and immediately though of Celeste and Darren lol

  3. 1:03:30 I didn't notice this the first time but watch Liam and Marisha. Liam whispers to her "I love you," to which she whispers back "I love you." Both of them exchange hearts and reach out to touch one another but don't. In C1 it was Keyleth (Marisha) saying goodbye to Vax (Liam). Now it's the other way around. To quote Keyleth from C1, "I'm not ready…"

  4. OBVIOUSLY it is up to Marisha and Co. as to what is done with Laudna's character, if she is brought back, her legacy, etc.

    But… ever since Orym brought up Keyleth and the Lord and Lady of Whitestone… I cannot help but think of how powerful and thematic it would be for them to bring back Laudna- the woman who perished due to Delilah's schemes, who they saw dead, hanging from a tree in their image…

    I wouldn't say it comes full circle but imagine the closure… the emotions, the drama, the meaning… that would be amazing. Marisha's first CR character bringing back this one.

    A very intricate, specific, and unlikely dream- especially considering Matt wants to keep past stories where they are so current characters can move in their own stories (respect), but it's fun to consider.

  5. 0:10 Analog NordVPN ad

    4:15 Laura’s merch corner

    5:35 Intro cinematic


    10:10 Recap Ends (FCG flashback)

    11:50 Chetney flashback

    13:25 Ashton flashback

    14:20 Laudna flashback

    15:45 Imogen flashback and decision

    20:10 Map out

    21:10 Laudna rolls a death save

    23:50 FCG has to make a choice

    27:45 Pants off DnD

    31:50 Chentey considers siring Orym

    32:55 Imogen runs to Laudna

    33:50 New revivify item just dropped

    34:40 Trim table (FCG reaches out to Fearne)

    39:45 Fearne considers oblivion

    42:25 Only got 30 seconds to save the world

    43:30 Ashton makes an offer

    46:20 Imogen with Laudna

    57:05 Rollies

    58:15 Cast your vote: Orym or Laudna

    1:00:40 Marisha’s hoodie

    1:02:25 Messaging Delilah

    1:03:20 The coin is flipped

    1:04:40 Fearne reaches out to Orym (Wildfire Druids get revivify)

    1:06:30 Orym decides to return

    1:10:55 Marisha leaves

    1:13:55 Carry her

    1:15:20 BREAK STARTS

    1:19:45 Art Montage

    1:25:25 BREAK ENDS

    1:32:00 Carrying her the whole time

    1:33:15 An old saying

    1:38:35 Treshi’s story

    1:41:10 Trying to intimidate

    1:43:55 The rest of the story

    1:45:35 Laura’s notes

    1:51:30 Poop fighter

    1:57:10 Master of wood

    1:59:50 Planning conversation

    2:06:45 Taking care of Pate

    2:11:20 A flick of guidance (the lock)

    2:14:00 Chetney samples the product

    2:15:35 Chetney chases the green dragon

    2:24:25 Potion of Possibility

    2:28:50 Laura is keeping backup inventory

    2:31:45 Thorough pat down

    2:34:30 Party bags are filthy

    2:37:00 Hiding

    2:45:55 FCG mad dogs Chetney

    2:48:05 FCG and Chetney (and a gift)

    2:50:35 Discussing the storm visions

    3:04:10 Messaging Xandas

    3:06:35 Laura does a lot of crying

    3:15:00 Salt from ToT (gentle repose)

    3:18:10 Messaging Eshteross

    3:20:55 Eshteross is Dutch

    3:22:35 Chetney’s gift to FCG

    3:25:20 FCG has an emotional breakdown

    3:31:30 Reverse camouflage

    3:33:35 Chetney has a “dynamite stick”

    3:35:25 Sky ship extraction

    3:40:05 Episode Ends

  6. I keep thinking warn esteros he's gonna get fucking jumped

  7. This entire episode was setting up the family dynamic so well.
    Imogen, baby of the family…all the mommy issues.
    Laundna, the creepy older sister. That one we all know and love.
    Fearne, the trouble child. Kelpto, but loveable.
    FCG, the youngest of the boys. He just wants everyone to be okay.
    Orym, Dad. He's the Dad of the group.
    Chet, Grump. He's the Grumpy…Grandpa…Uncle? No idea who he's related to he's just there.
    Ashton, Big Brother. He's trying to make sure they all make it through this crappy family vacation.

  8. wasn't there a pinned msg with timestamps?

  9. When we have shuffled off this mortal coil must give us pause…

  10. Wait, couldn't Fearne have just used the silver mirror by facing it towards Otohan and activating it? Then she would have had some shadow assassins after her

  11. That episode legit broke me into tears. Thank goodness it was for Travis to always keep the party and the viewers more cheerful with his jokes after shit like this happens.
    I have faith that Laudna isn't truly gone. As Ashton said, "we'll do whatever it takes" and I believe him.

  12. Ashton, as tough as he looks and is, he will do anything to save those he loves from certain death. When he told Imogen "call Hexum, tell her I'll do anything" that only worsen my tearing up

  13. Its okay, Raise Dead is a 5th level spell! Just get to level 9 in 9 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes and Laudna will be fine!

  14. Marishas best character by far and liams most dull one by far

  15. Did Sam get that jerry can of his used?? Because if so it definitely has traces of diesel in it.

  16. Don't like who gets revived? Be the cleric 🤣

  17. Hi, i am a big fan of the show!!

    I am speaking for iranians, we all love the show and love the worlds and stories that matt and other GMs have created.
    Iran has been in mass protest and the women are fighting for their rights to choose if they want to wear hijabs.

    I know this might be too much to ask but if you could talk about the situation for even 5-10 seconds at the intro section of the next session it would mean the world to us.
    We need to raise awareness, the government is cutting off the internet and are punishing people in silence.

    Love you guys, is it Thursday yet!

  18. its funny how the 2 pcs that have died were ones that were known for their resurrections 😅

  19. They need orym's boss to come resurrect Marishas' character? Who? Keyleth? Marsha? What a perfect "temporary character" 😀 save yourself

  20. I just had question. Me and my brothers have begun playing D&D but we don't completely no the proper way to play. And i was just wondering if that matters?

  21. I love the performances in this episode so much, fearne's little line of please come back, right trough the jugular. But I also really love orym's goodbye for the second time to his husband, loved everything about this episode.
    I love how 8 people talking around a table can bring all of us to tears.

  22. Bad episode for my son to have started on? 🤔😅

  23. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Revelation 12:11)

  24. The whole fight with Otohan: we’re running, it’s bad.

  25. I just clicked on this randomly and holy shit this new intro is absolute trash. This song is awful.

  26. I'm a healer and always make sure I got diamonds on me.

  27. Me waiting for the bellz hellz to realise they can use the residuum as a diamond worth 300 gold: ……………………………………………………………………………..

  28. Marisha just showed up looking jaw dropping. Nbd.

  29. There were tears amongst Fearne, Launa, Imogene and moi…acting so good it's real. Great job to all cast and all npc's…PJ of the GreenRAY.

  30. Marisha probably "I'm gonna make a dead character so I can't die"
    Then dies anyway

  31. Dnd is fun due to the risk of dying, wasn’t expecting them to casually have diamonds laying around to revive a lot. 2 should have died but it is what it is.

  32. Today has been… An emotional rollercoaster.

  33. Imogen is special because her mom is Ruidusborn as well as herself.
    That's 2 generation of Ruidusborn's blood running through her.

  34. "Who votes for Orim"….Liam laughs harder than everyone… lol

  35. After two years I have finally caught up with the current moment! 😀I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself now… 😕

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