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What If You Die In Your Dream?

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Does dream death equal REAL death?? Join us… and find out!


In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at the terrifying theory that dying in your dream means you will die IN REAL LIFE!

This is Unveiled, giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions!

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  1. I remember being around 13-14 in 2012 when the "apocalypse" was supposed to happen. I had a lot of dreams of the world ending and dying.

  2. The dreams in which l'm dyingAre the best I've ever had …

  3. I've died in several dreams and picked up from someone else's pov. Another me.Very Enter the Void-esque

  4. I’ve done it more than once in the same dream.

  5. I did die in a dream once and I'm still here, but it was a life-changing experience

  6. I reckon our lives are in two parts half in the material and the other half in the spiritual (dreams and sleep) ,we are spiritual being's in a body

  7. I died and went to hell in a dream… I told my therapist about it and she said it was normal (trauma therapy) LOL!

    For anyone that interested, Hell looked like real life but normal things would melt into something horrific like a pile of worms! In my dream I realized I was dead and we were all in hell. UGH. It was brutal

  8. Had dreams of everything from being different people to being on different planets with multiple moons. I’ve had dreams of animals including extinct like the megaloceros. But also significantly multiple dreams of Bears. Had dreams of flying off the ground by thought and climbing the sides of buildings for fun with my old friends.
    Also had a dream once in the hospital that my lap was warm and thought my sleeping self must have peed. To wake up and find my IV was disconnected letting a steady stream of blood flow out and soak my lap. This happening after I’d been admitted and given a blood transfusion for bleeding esophageal varices do to childhood cancer treatment.
    But that dream most likely saved my life the fact that I was able to become conscious that I was in a dream and that I needed to wake up because my lap felt warm. Somehow the nurses through all of that did not get an alert but they should have they called a code blue immediately after I called the nurse in and she saw my vitals so low

  9. Ironic. I have never died in a dream. I have also never been intimate with a woman. (I've come close, but no bandana) I never had a nightmare. Never hurt anyone. (violence) I have flown countless of times and it's even better than… the girl thing. 😉 Im not afraid of death while conscious, why should I be afraid of death in a dream? Hmm!

  10. Nah, I’ve died in dreams before. Unless I transcended death this is bs.

  11. tierd of these stupid guesswork vidios congrats you earned my unsubscription.

  12. I must be a cat cause I died multiple times in dream but still alive

  13. If you have a wet dream you are no longer a virgin….congrats😂

  14. I've died in my dream at least 100 times, usually with sleep paralysis. I don't remember dreams that don't result in my death. Literally just last week I woke up thinking I'd just been shot in the back of the head, thought it was real, thought I'd still been shot when I was awake and survived, then realised I was in my room. It's terrifying but it doesn't actually kill you, obviously. I imagine it can cause heart attacks in some though, cause you don't know it's not real, you wake up with adrenaline rushing and your heart beating extremely hard.

  15. I've had enough DMT breakthroughs to experience death, I'm all good.

  16. I had two different dreams in which I died. In both dreams a saw myself separated from my dead body. In one of them I watched my funeral service where attending people could not see me. Of course, this post here is not psychographics!

  17. I'm pretty sure I died in a dream about a week ago, and I'm still here to tell you about it.

    It was one of the more intense dreams, even unsettling – but I'm pretty sure it was just a dream.

  18. I die often in my dreams. But those dreams are what I call God Dreams. Extremely colorful but I'm usually in a war or a captive waiting to die.

  19. I have died in at least 3 dreams. I woke up immediately after two, but after I got crushed/runover by a jeep I popped up unibjured about 10 feet away.

  20. I was shot in the face in two dreams and woke up immediately. But one dream I was shot in the head and was still dreaming and couldn't move or wake up for long period of time. Eventually I did wake up of course because I'm watching this video. I could also feel the damage from the gunshot in my head when I woke up.

  21. I had a dream I was on death row and got taken on a bus straight into lava

  22. So I do this purposely in my lucid dream. Now I do things in dreams that get me to you know by my own choice. I know I’ll just lucid dream again so I get in trouble. If I get scared. Like I’m about to end up in hell or a situation like that I’ll just jump. And when I hit the ground I see a grey brain looking thing but it’s not a brain just floating in the blue sky with light around it. Different situations same end result

  23. I've dreamt about falling a lot and I've hit the ground on more then one occasion. Also had one where i got shot in the head and i dont wake up just kinda slide into 3rd person mode for a bit before i realize im dreaming and wake up right before i can actually start doing cool stuff 😢.

  24. Dreaming about yourself dying could mean that you're in a major life transition. It might be a symbolic goodbye to a relationship, a job, or a home. It could represent a part of you that is dying or something you'd like to escape.

  25. I die usually once a week in my dreams…it's bliss.

  26. I had a dream years ago that I had been shot and died…except, I believe that because my brain lacks any frame of reference for what the experience of death actually FEELS like (which is different from understanding in an abstract sense that dying, to my best knowledge, is the cessation of cognitive functions, accompanying that of the physiological processes that are assumed to give rise to it) Rather than entering a state devoid of all senses, I just felt myself surrounded by darkness while wondering how I could still be thinking about death if I had already died. So I just kept waiting for everything to sort of… stop. I later got the idea that part of the issue might be that I generally have a high level of awareness of being in a dream state because beginning around age 4, I began to experience very vivid nightmares nearly every time I slept, along with night terrors and somnambulance, so I taught myself to recognize when I was dreaming so that I could then force my eyes open & wake up. Shortly after that, I instead mastered the ability to alter the aspects of my dreams that most scared me since I often found them entertaining save for the times where things got a little bit too scary and my mind would insert things that I was particularly sensitive to (mainly things like children being hurt or being chased through a familiar, real-world setting like my home by an unknown pursuer.) However, even though I can do many things in my dream world, where things I have never actually experienced in reality are concerned, I find my mind's ability to render a reasonably realistic facsimile quite limited which has been really disappointing in scenarios such as the aforementioned death one, and when I have wanted to save myself from an attacker by manifesting and firing a gun (I ended up having to wake up from that one….or maybe it's more accurate to say that I essentially "rage-quit" my dream since I woke up pretty pissed that I lost the battle 😅🤣😡😞) Anyway, all that to say, dying in your dreams is likely meaningless and also while it's possible to dream of the act or process of "dying," I don't think it's possible to dream of actually being "dead." After all, how can you possibly "experience" something that is by definition a state in which one would totally cease to experience anything at all? I hope this all makes sense….🤯😰

  27. I apologize. But why do Christian channels block/hide comments about the comments made, no matter how against their position? While 'most' Atheists let everyone voice their opinion? What is either side trying to hide? Are they afraid? Time to grow up people!

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