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Today we’re back to FlyOrDie (also known as EvoWorld.io) and it’s time to grow and evolve beyond our limits! We’re going to rise as a PHOENIX!

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EvoWorld io – formerly FlyOrDie – is a multiplayer survival game where you start out as a teeny tiny fly with the potential to grow big! Search the food you need in order to evolve into a bigger and stronger animal. Stay away from your natural enemies, as all evolutions have predators you must avoid to not become someone’s snack. Make sure to check your special ability every time you evolve, they can help you out in difficult situations!
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  1. Can you please remove the random voice filters from video like wow, aww and others it's far better with out those voices thank you, it's so annoying
    It's why I unsubscribed from Baron

  2. blitz + Uploading x Games that take up too much of his time = Happiness for thousands of people across the internet

  3. If you evolve 45 time times, shouldn’t you be a level 46 instead of a level 999?

  4. Alternate title: Blitz speed running to evolve 45 times

  5. I'm so glad blitz brought this game back It always makes me laugh 🤣

  6. you should go to the shop and see the premium pass, theres a free 1 day trial for it

  7. One day blitz is gonna be the best fly or die player and i cant wait for it

  8. Me: Having 15 minutes before sleep.
    Me: Watching Blitz

  9. Happy beginning of the Deer season I went out there and saw a huge 8 Point But I couldn't shoot it

  10. @Blitz can u be my fly or die partner pls when u do another fly or die video

  11. I love how u play like not the ordinary games Like minecraft or gta u play games ive never even heard of And u are so funny and fun to watch!!!!

  12. you should go to the top of the server when someone wants to kill you (pumpking ghost vs grim reaper is a fair fight, if you are ghostly reaper avoid them for now) and when you are at the top you both come at eachoder and hold the right mouse button as soon as possible so you kill them. (this is pvp in flyordie lol)

  13. I love it when old games comes back. Even if just for an. Episode.

  14. I am soo glad i got killed by blitz my name is the vid was dab OMG the sacrifice is worth it

  15. Thanks for the "red green" reference. It made my day 🤣

  16. The bad part about this game is, if you die, you lose so much xp it's not really worth playing.

  17. Hi if you see this than have a nice day and click this if you want…. It would be nice

  18. hey i made it into a blitz video, awesome with my own little scene at 4:38. Thx for puttin me in blitz and keep up the work, your're doing great! (btw i broke my mouse the day of you recording)

  19. Hey blitz you should try playing the deep rock galactic game?

  20. I'd definitely recommend a name thats not blitz, if people realize its you they'll probably hunt you just because its you

  21. Blitz you should play more Minecraft dungeons with a friend

  22. love the vids. recently ive been sick and in a bad mood but then u started making my mood better everytime i would watch u 🙂

  23. Hey blitz pls make more slime rancher mod

  24. Thank you Blitz for playing this game again. It is one of my many favorites

  25. The amount of capitals in your title makes it look COnDisEndINg

  26. What is the name of that game so I can play it

  27. Door stuck meme on blitz channel be like:
    This vid

  28. click on the magnet, and from there you can adjust how the tracks snap onto the grid. if you want it to be each 1/4 of a bar, click "line"

  29. Hey blitz can you play more the angler

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