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Whistleblower from Boeing supplier says he was pressured to ignore defects during inspections

CBS Evening News
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Santiago Paredes spent a decade doing final inspections on 737 fuselages for Spirit AeroSystems, one of Boeing’s largest suppliers. He says he filed an ethics complaint when his managers asked him to speed up inspections about where he was finding issues, and when he was ignored, he eventually resigned. He spoke exclusively to Kris Van Cleave.

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  1. He better leave the country and ger bodyguards

  2. No wonder that Airbus industry leading the market, 737max should be grounded world wide for good, it's on of the worst in the aviation history, I feel safer flying Airbus and Boeing should held accountable

  3. defend the 2nd so whistleblowers can defend themselves. there are so incredibly many rules, procedures, processes, tools, etc that simply following and doing whatalready exists would make boeing topnotch in quality. for this stuff to happen is pathetic especially in this day and age. with the latest CAD systems it is so incredibly easy to show whats up with an assembly and to very easily add good instructions and amazing details that it's amazing. Boeing has to have some of the best sixsigma QA and QC people around or maybe at least they used to. At first reading these type articles I thought the planes were just so incredibly complex that there was bound to be issues but after seeing more videos and realizing whats possible and what has been done in the past to make sure things are done right it all just seems pathetic.

  4. Wonder when they will off him and what method they will use this time .

  5. Not gotta lie though in the beginning was my steady job opportunities as HVAC specials with united airline after my 90 day i smell something fishy about united airline at SFO

  6. it's a case of "didn't know about it" thus why would it be an issue?! Of course, higher ups think it isn't their fault.

  7. After this interview, Boeing will make sure he gets a 21 gun salute.

  8. If Toyota can shut down a production line for one problem on a Corolla then Boeing has certainly no excuse to not too

  9. take your bets on how much longer he has on this planet

  10. US government should take over Boeing assets before something really worst happen.

  11. This isn't a isolated issue . I worked for quality control for school bus manufacturing it's the same problem. Quantity over quality . It's a business they want to make money

  12. What the problem is there's nobody educated enough to build these parts we are under constant pressure to get these parts out for the airplane a lot of parts are over engineered so if there's a little bit of a problem with the part it's still a good part ofyou people need to calm down as a machinist for aerospace parts from Boeing SpaceX you guys are okay up in the air nothing leaves the shop unless it's perfection accidents happen as a factory test pilot in the one building the airplanes but I never fly commercial lmao

  13. Media stop calling them whistleblowers
    They were certified professionals
    They were doing their job
    Protecting the consumer after Boeing killed 500 people
    Now they are dead
    Nobody has to die for Wall Streets private profits gains or losses
    Ordinary citizens with no authority their policy and procedures are not laws and we do not have to comply
    That's the truth if the media wants to spread lies and propaganda they be charged as coconspirers
    They are on record on doing so by opening their big mouths

  14. Two more Boeing planes just crashed in the last two weeks !

  15. Boeing's motto: Lives be damned, profits are at stake.

  16. Shouldn’t such a good paying job be reserved for an American

  17. Given what's happened to other whistleblowers, he should buy as much term life insurance as possible. If unable to buy such coverage, that's a strong sign the fix is already in.

  18. ANYONE who has ever spent 1 minute in corporate America knows this GUY is NOT lying!

  19. Boeing's spokeperson: We are completely committed to blah, blah, blah…blah, blah.

  20. Choose your favorite bullet, rope, poison, vehicles crash, swim pool or fire for free.

  21. Protective custody! Please. Please I am about to cry I am so afraid for this man. Please PLEASE!

  22. Spirit also does work for Airbus. Did that just happen for Boeing planes, or both?

  23. That guy will be taking a dirt nap in two or 3 days….Just like the others.

  24. sadly this whistleblower passed away next week 🙏

  25. He’ll be dead with a year. Boeing can’t threaten us working class with death if 225+ folks on their planes are already risking their lives!!!!

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