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“You Advocate For The DEVIL” Professor DEFENDS Dead Iran President Raisi

Piers Morgan Uncensored
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On the 19th of May, a military helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, crashed near Varzaqan, Iran killing everyone onboard. The world has been shocked by what Raisi’s death could mean for the country and the region. Piers Morgan speaks to University of Tehran Professor, Mohammad Marandi, who furiously defends Raisi as a popular figure and calls out the hypocrisy of western governments. Piers’ in-studio guest, IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus retorts that “The Butcher of Tehran is a good description” for Raisi, and claims that the Islamic regime in Iran is the source of terrorism all around the world.

00:46 – Professor Marandi reacts to the death of President Raisi
01:40 – “The Butcher of Iran’s” death greeted by women in Iran celebrating
02:24 – “I think the real monsters are much closer to home” says Professor Marandi
04:40 – “Iran will see during the funeral ceremony just how popular he was” Says Professor Marandi
06:53 – Mahsa Amini, and women in Iran
09:01 – Piers asks Marandi: Do you think women should be free to dress how they wish?
12:04 – Protests in Iran against the regime
15:16 – Piers asks Israeli Spokesperson Jonathan Conricus “Was Raisi’s death deliberate?”
20:04 – ICC seeking arrest warrant for Netanyahu/ICC’s Charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity
25:23 – An Invasion of Rafah
27:30 – What happens next
37:10 – This didn’t start on October the 7th
38:00 – Mustafa Bargouti reacts to Jonathan Conricus’ discussion with Piers
40:26 – You cannot accuse every International Court in the world of being antisemitic or drunk with power
44:50 – No more impunity for anybody
45:04 – “Netanyahu was the war criminal”
45:16 – Was October the 7th Justified?

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  1. Back to 1967 borders. Israel cant be trusted. Thank you.

  2. Bravo professor!! Not Iranian myself but I’m SO PROUD of this guy standing up for his country. Piers hate for Iran is embarrassing- u looked SO stupid Piers 😂 it’s made my day. Go look after your own country and its lack of morality.

  3. God bless the Islamic Republic of Iran 🇮🇷 always and forever ❤

  4. Piers, why do you have someone on your show supporting the Butcher of Tehran? You know the kids have no critical thinking skills. They won't realize how ridiculously disingenuous he is.

  5. He is sure a sucker perhaps his income comes from the butcher says his own people

  6. The IRGC trolls are going crazy in this comment section. This is all very well coordinated.

  7. The last speaker (Mustafa) 😮just could not condemn Hamas for war crimes committed on October 7th nor can he admit that the Palestinians are starving because there is proof seen on videos that Hamas has clearly been stealing the food, etc. coming in for the civilians for themselves and their terrorist group. Every video Ive watched where the interviewee was a supporter of Palestinian issues have never been able to condemn Hamas for the war crimes committed on October 7th and to admit that Hamas started the current war!😮 Also, I watched a video of a UNWRA van and about 5 to 6 Hamas terrorist men unload boxes from the van and load them into a warehouse type building.

  8. Netanyahu is guilty of genocide but you still are talking a nonsense. ….Where are the rights of Palestinians children?

  9. Hay Marandy, suppose you are right about Iraq….is Raisi responsible for the death of 1988 or not, do you believe a man with grade five literacy is the right person for president role

  10. Piers works for Murdoch a committed Zionist go figure.

  11. Are Iranian women allowed to be in society without Hejab??????

  12. Piers advocates for the Devil. So quick to criticise Iran, Russia and Syria yet has a moral quandary when in comes to Israel.

  13. Hey Morgan uncensored!
    Why don’t you make any news about president Raiesi funeral in Iran
    Millions of people came for him
    But you are not a fair journalist

  14. Doctor, you defend the fact so bravely! God Bless you

  15. Is it any of your business on how Iranians live

  16. Israhell the Most moral army in the Middle East my foot!

  17. If you concider Raisi as a Butcher, what wud you concider Natanyahu?

  18. Did the Israeli guy just accused the Iranian dude of lying very well???!!!! brah this is some good comedy

  19. When discussing such serious issues, Marandis' smirk is problematic, disconcerting at the very least, the embodiment of evil at worst. He had no answer to the human rights violations and the subjugation of women.

  20. Would be a happy day for you to lose your mind and be jobless

  21. Thst ICJ hsve derailed from the truth. Who started the fight? Terrorist started the attack killing innocent isreal, what do you call that?

  22. They lie openly and they lie without shame

  23. Israel. Dahaney boiere got mida……..animal honest serette behinah

  24. Status……………in Iranian coulture……..R E S P E C T

  25. Piers had friendly chat with israeli about their genocidal acts and go nuts with professor over women headscarfs.

  26. How about the BUTCHER of million Palestinian are dying no one is complaining why???
    That’s their country not yours respect people’s world, they lost a president they love

  27. One less piece of sh!t, but Western democracy does need to look at itself too, it has become corrupted by large companies buying politicians, the media are clearly compromised and yet no one wants to start reforming our democracies. They are also selective in whom they attack; Iran is quite obviously a bad country, but so are Saudi Arabia, China, South Africa, the list goes on and yet there is silence on those.

  28. Piers, go work in a restaurant as a waiter, you'll get more respect there. Here, you have zero self respect, 100% cowardice, shaming journalism and a total mouth piece for Zionist west. Shame on you!

  29. Piers talks about 1 day Oct 7 but not 7 months of deliberate starvation and cutting of drinkable water to 1.1M child!

    He’s trying to do a kind of equivalence between an operation resulting in war crimes and literally a crime against humanity!


  31. Piers speak more truth than the lunatic guest.

  32. We have the freedom to dress how we want. We are not under dictatorship. The guy the professor is a joke.

  33. I'm from Iran majority of people don't accept the hejab law & we can't protest bcs of brutality of regime

  34. I'm from Iran majority of people don't accept the hejab law & we can't protest bcs of brutality of regime

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